MARTTRANS offer all kinds of international and local
cargo transportation as well as various logistics solutions.

Car freight transportation
Every month MARTTRANS serves over 200 freight transportation units.
In a result of good planning we can execute practically any order.

We have the following types of trailers

Cargo buses

By prior agreement, delivery within 24-48h is possible within the territory of the European Union.

Open platforms

Trailers without tents, platforms for sea container transportation and „jumbo” platforms are available.

Tent semitrailers (92-120 cbm)

MARTTRANS offer both composit and full-weight cargo transportation. Also transport with ADR (dangerous cargo) permits and FVD certified transport for food and supplement transportation are available. If necessary, we can offer a transport equipped with elevator platform.

Different types of refrigerators

MARTTRANS offer both composite and full-weight cargo transportation with refrigerator trailers. Two-chamber trailers are also available, in which the temperature can be divided. It is possible to request a temperature preservation printout during transport.

Oversized cargo platforms

MARTTRANS different types of oversized cargo platforms are available. They are 3-7 axle trailers with a payload of up to 107 tons. We are able to provide oversized cargo transportation on any route you need.

International and domestic freight transportation

Every week, cargo is delivered to Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium, England, Poland, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Sweden, Finland. , Norway, Turkey, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries of the world.

Oversized and multimodal freight transportation

MARTTRANS can provide variety of oversized cargo transportation and necessary permit organization. Thanks to our specialist knowledge and experience, we can provide our customers with the most complex oversized cargo transportation.

Cargo transportation by water

We will help you find an efficient and economical logistics solution for all cargo by water, as well as help with documents.

Air freight transportation

MARTTRANS will help you with transportation all over the world with air traffic.

Warehouse services

We offer a wide and modern warehouse service for all types of cargo. Freezers, as well as warehouses with specific temperature capability are also available.

Railway cargo transportation

Railway cargo transportation in Europe, CIS countries and Central Asia
Railway cargo transportation is one of the most popular and safest types of transportation.
We will help you to transport cargo using railway services and help you arrange all necessary documents.
Our logistics specialists will be able to offer to you the best prices and the most suitable type of wagon depending on the specificity of the cargo.

Safety - Cargo insurance

MARTTRANS offer all kinds of cargo insurance for one-time and regular freight worldwide.
We remind that carrier’s responsibility for lost, damaged or completely destroyed
cargo can vary depending on the type of transportation.
If your cargo value is over 8.33 SDR per each kilogram gross, we advise additional cargo insurance.
Our specialists will be available to help you clarify insurance costs and insure the cargo.